Learning Vocabulary – My Experiences

On a fundamental level, language is pretty much comprised of phonemes (sounds), grammar (rules of the language) and Vocabulary (words comprised of phonemes).  I intend to touch on each of these three elements in upcoming posts.  Now, before I get bombarded by all of the linguists out there, I am aware that it is much more complicated than I described, but for the sake of simplicity, I am going to go with what I said in the first sentence.

With that said, this is about vocabulary and some advice on how to learn it.  I’ve used my fair share of “miracle methods” and had varying degrees of success.  Keep in mind that everyone learns differently and  I am going to try to touch on several methods that I’ve had success with. Read More

How To Set Language Learning Goals You Can Reach

I imagine that we are all familiar with the concept of goals and if you are reading this after reading the title of this post, then I’m also assuming that you believe (at least to some extent) that goals are important.  In fact I would bet that as a language learner, you have many goals.  I would also bet that you have made goals in the past that you were not (for some reason or another) able to reach.  I know I have. Read More