Indonesian Mission: On Hold Until 7/1/14

Hello everyone. I know many of you have been waiting for an update on the Indonesian mission. Unfortunately, I have been in pretty bad health for the last 2 weeks and have not been able to get moving on the mission. It is a chronic condition that I hope to have more under control in the next week or two. Right now, however, it is very difficult for me to study due to mental and physical fatigue.

So, I am announcing that the Indonesian Mission will restart on 7/1/14 and will run until 1/1/15. I am still excited and am really looking forward to the experience.

Thanks for understanding! I love you guys.

Take Control Of Your Language Learning!

controlEarlier this morning, I was browsing through some language forums and I came across a post by a relatively new language learner asking for advice on Mandarin Chinese. He had been studying Mandarin for about 6 months (same as I have) and his problem was lack of progress with his conversational skills. Here was the exact quote that inspired me to write this post:

  • “My main teacher helps me learn via textbook which does suit me quite well but doesn’t progress at the speed I would like to (especially since I have difficulty getting more than 1 lesson a week due to my work schedule). I have tried other teachers who I first ask to have a basic conversation with in Mandarin, but we end up having the same conversation over and over, so I’m great at introductions, but can’t say much beyond that because most of my other lessons have been about ordering food in restaurants and living essentials. They are less about just being able to have a good discussion with someone.”
  • I see this a lot in first time language learners and less often in experienced learners. This (to me) is a fundamental mistake that can conceivably double or triple the amount of time it can take to learn a language when your goal is conversational fluency. So what was my advice to this discouraged fellow learner?
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    Indonesian From Scratch Begins Today!

    Hi there. Today, I am beginning a 6 month language fluency mission:

    The language? Indonesian.

    The goal? Conversational fluency by 12/1/14.

    The materials?

  • Indonesian conversation with friends via Skype
  • The wonderful folks at, Shaun and Cici were gracious enough to provide me with a free lifetime Premium account in exchange for an honest, no punches pulled review of the service. It is my intention to be as honest and as critical as I would be if I were paying for the service, so rest assured I am NOT trying to sell anyone on the program, just to provide an honest assessment.

    For those of you interested in following my mission, I will be posting weekly update posts discussing the language, my progress and the program. I will include “Indonesian Mission” in the post title to differentiate them from my standard “universal” language posts.

    Am I going to drop Mandarin, Spanish, or German? Not at all. I am going to continue working on all of my languages everyday. This will be an excellent way to hone my time management skills. I imagine it will also require some serious effort to maintain my motivation for all four through the next six months.

    I am going to begin tonight with the first audio lesson, and I will report back on 6/8/14 with a full update. I am very excited about this, and I look forward to the challenge!