Hello, and welcome to  My name is Bill Price and I’m a language enthusiast (to put it mildly). I grew up in Louisiana with English and Cajun French.  In 2012, I decided, rather randomly, to learn a foreign language to fluency in one year as a personal challenge.  The language I chose (again at random) was German.  You can read all about my German mission on my previous blog:  My German Quest .  During that year, I learned a lot about learning languages.  A lot about methodology, courses, techniques, theories, and about language in general.  I fell in love with German and with language learning in general. I am also an author of several books on language learning as well as fiction.

The purpose of this site is to help other people learn languages.  Not just certain languages, but ANY languages.  The focus will be less on any specific language(s) but rather on “HOW” to learn.  I will talk about methods, resources, motivation, success stories, myths, and anything that will make you a better learner.

I firmly believe that without a doubt, ANYONE can learn ANY language to ANY level of fluency.  I also believe that everyone learns differently and that there is a method for everyone.  The tough part sometimes is finding it.  I intend to make that part easier.  Join me.  Let’s do this!

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