What is Language Coaching?

Wikipedia defines Language Coaching as followed:

Language coaching encompasses the teaching and training of foreign languages but incorporates principles, models and competences from the field of life coaching.

For some, that may make perfect sense. For others, I’m going to break it down further. Language Coaching focuses very little on actually teaching the language. Rather, Language Coaching focuses on “HOW” to learn a language specifically tailored to the individual.

Some of the primary characteristics of Language Coaching:

  • No textbooks. Because each client is different, each coaching program will be different as well. There is no “one size fits all” method that works for every student.
  • Emphasis on goal setting and accountability to achieving those goals.
  • Motivation and interaction are essential to Language Coaching.
  • Below is a chart that illustrates the differences in philosophy and practice between Language Teaching and Language Coaching:

    Language Coaching Chart

    Language Coaching vs. Language Teaching