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Language Learning Communities:

  • Parleremo.orgParleremo is a virtual town that teaches languages. It contains resources for over 70 languages, including vocabulary, links, newspapers, TV, radio, and file sharing, and we will add whatever language you want. For communicating, there are forums and chat areas. For working with others, there is a language exchange, journal writing, speech recording. There are also readings and games, and people can help add resources and translate resources.Parleremo is a virtual town that teaches languages.
  • Digilang.comThe Digital Language Collective is a place where language and linguistic bloggers and website builders can come together to discuss topics, strategies, technologies, and essentially learn and work with each other to promote a broader and richer language learning community.
  • My Language Learning page

4 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Hi Bill how do you do? My name is Teddy from Indonesia, an IMBA student in Taiwan at this moment. I am also a language enthusiast like you.

    I am contacting you to know if you would be interested to write me a guest post about your language learning experience. You can find the guidelines in my language blog

    Btw, how is your Indonesian? I look forward to speak with u.
    All the best, thanks.


  2. Hi Bill,

    Thank you for your link to my “Fasulyes Polyglotblog” on your blog! 🙂 Nice to meet you as one of the many readers of my blog.
    Did you also participate in the Polyglot Gathering in Berlin 2014?

    Kind regards,


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    • Hi Fasulye! Nice to meet you as well. I wanted to go to Berlin very badly this year, but unfortunately, I couldn’t make it happen. I am looking forward to going next year though. Hopefully I will meet you there!

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